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Emphasize to students that they have the power to end conversations and log off the Internet at any time, and to not let shyness or embarrassment prevent them from talking to a parent or family member if they get into an iffy or risky situation.This approach can apply beyond grooming to issues like cyberbullying and online scams, too.The internet is one of the few remaining spaces where people from around the world can easily engage with each other and create new content without large amounts of regulation.Browsing the web, therefore, can sometimes be unpredictable for people of all ages.

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Businesses do what they can to protect themselves from risk through the use of cyber insurance, but what are you to do as a parent to protect your family?The Truth About Risky Online Relationships Many adults fear that kids use the Internet to connect with strangers.In reality, most kids and teens use the Internet to keep in touch with people they already know offline, or to explore topics that interest them.The facts regarding children and teens using the internet are sobering.Despite the very real threats that attackers pose on the internet, it is nearly impossible to negate its obvious benefits and potential as a vast store of information and expression.

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