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At this point, neither Girls' Generation nor Super Junior risk anything professionally by dating.

The individual members are popular enough, and have enough solo activities, that even if one member gets brought down, the entire group will not inevitably suffer.

The differentiation between being members of an idol group and being individual entertainers is what is important.

The same cannot be said about junior groups, even ones like SHINee and f(x) that have very defined concepts and have seen numerous successes.

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Both had fans who were hurt in the way that the relationship came to light, but Taeyeon's fans have supported her for multiple years.Taemin's solo debut is the first sign that SHINee is transitioning from one of SM's junior groups to one where the individual members have so much love that they are no longer reliant on the group image.EXO and Red Velvet are still so new that it would be unthinkable for their members to come out en masse with relationships, as is happening with Super Junior and Girls' Generation.JYP Entertainment also refuted the claims in a separate statement.On 6 August, South Korean news outlet reported that the two celebrities were dating each other, and that they have been doing so for the past two years.

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