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In order for an XML file to be valid, it needs at the very least to conform to the XML specification, version 1.0.This standardises exactly how your XML file is formed so that other systems can understand it.The "area code" for XML namespaces is a URI, which is associated with a prefix for the namespace.We define a namespace using an xmlns declaration, followed by the prefix, which is equal to a URI that uniquely identifies the namespace: Parsers can now recognise both meanings of "film type" and handle them accordingly.In this way, an XML file itself doesn’t actually do anything.It doesn’t say how to display the data or what to do with data, just as a text file doesn’t.To start using XML effectively, a sound knowledge of its terminology and file structures needs to be gained.to the end of the opening tag, as with the track element above.

Where HTML was designed to display data and specify how that data should look, XML was designed to describe and structure data.

While an XML file might conform to the XML specification, it might not be a valid form of a particular dialect.

An XML schema lets you verify that certain elements are present, while making sure that the values presented are of the correct type.

This describes what is meant by "interoperable file format" — once you produce an XML file, it is open to everyone.

An input, and all the information required to understand the structure of your data, is included in the file. Here’s a text file and an XML file that both store the same information: Notice how the subject of our data is defined in the XML file.

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