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Committee members are anonymous to each other and comprised of people from various backgrounds, interests, ages, and sexual orientations.Application decision times can range anywhere from a day to a few months.Beyond all of this, committee members look for that hard to describe something extra.NASA scientists, cancer researchers, poets, painters - interesting people from all walks of life from all over the world have found us with no affiliation or anyone to vouch for them, and yet, the committee felt they possessed some special quality which would strengthen the community.It's why there is a committee, and evolving algorithms to assess an applicant's relationship and fit with the community. It's a tremendous effort, and still, mistakes will be made.Similarly to universities, clubs, and jobs - making an offer to be involved comes with error.

For the few who might disregard community values by being disrespectful, inconsiderate, or mean, all members are encouraged to point this out and report those people. Raya removes former members who don't share these same community ideals.Would the other attendees understand why everyone else was chosen to be a part of this special occasion?This creates a unique environment with which to meet each other: What about your work or how you spend your time stands out as creative? What do you think other guests of this fictional gathering would remember about how you spend your time?Rather, how someone spends their time, who they surround themselves with, and their intentions for how to engage and strengthen the community - those are the things Raya values.The world is enormous, and applications come from every corner imaginable, thus community selection isn't perfect.

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