Wwe superstars who are dating

Without further ado, here are twelve Divas we didn’t know are dating, along with six WWE stars that are now single. It seems like Becky Lynch has it all at the moment.Not only is she the face of WWE but her personal life seems to be just as good.Older fans who kept a close eye on the biz during the 90s may recall The Enquirer's claims that lil' Rey Mysterio was wooing Friends star Jennifer Aniston.This, according to reports since, was either an urban legend created to get WCW's masked man over or a flat out false non-story that should never have been published. Thankfully for those who can never quite seem to satisfy their love of reading gossip mags to find out all the juicy details, there are actual cases where bonafide celebs have dated WWE wrestlers.Dye appears to be very supportive of Lynch’s WWE fame, even tweeting out a photo of Becky in the ring.Lynch appears to be in a very good spot at the moment.

This list will prove that love exists even in something as difficult as the wrestling business!Natalya has managed Kidd as a member of both the Hart Dynasty and when he was teaming with Cesaro.The duo grew up together in Calgary and have been together for over 15 years.The dating life of a WWE star can be very difficult to maintain.Not only is the world of social media watching their every move but the road life can make it that much harder to sustain any type of relationship.

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