Wrt610n validating identity

f=45 4173-A29 (CTO) Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics even faster than T410's NVS3100M, but slightly behind on Graphics (I remember reading somewhere they would devote more silicon estate for 3D than 2D improvement, which is "fast enough", can't find it at the moment.B140RW02 V1 is not any better, its surface seem to be not smooth, not sure it is the AR coating or not, like looking through textured soft focus filter.Lenovo engineering has completed testing/certification of the Intel 320 Series...." 7mm vs. you need to move the WWAN cables out of the way into the slot indent.

NTSC, s RGB IEC 61966-2.1, Adobe RGB 1998 before and after off angles, i think it is about 15 degrees for each move, i just eyeball it, need to reshoot.

i need to put a real camera on tripod, and find the Bogen QTVR head.

from SSD OEM select disk 0 clean convert gpt create partition efi size=100 format quick fs=fat32 label="System" assign letter="S" create partition msr size=128 create partition primary format quick fs=ntfs label="Windows" assign letter="W" Panasonic FRU 42T4847 Li-Ion 43.29 Wh 11.10V - Think Pad Battery 66 (6-cell) P/N 0A36287 rated for up to 5.5 hr.

The current roadmap is showing Late 3Q or early 4Q is when we'll qualify 6GB/s drives.

This is true for the T420, T420s, X220, X220t, T520, and W520. What SSD drives have been tested and are recommended for the new Sandy Bridge based machines? Think Pad 160GB Intel X25-M Solid State Drive II - Released Think Pad 128 GB SS Drive II - Released Intel 320 Series - Not Released.

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