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Winter 2016-17, as of publication, was the second snowiest in almost 80 years of records in Pocatello with over 7 feet of total snow.

While avalanches aren't unusual in the high country each winter, multiple avalanches isolated some towns for days."Stanley and the surrounding areas have been cut off multiple times for multiple days this year," said John Keyes, meteorologist at the National Weather Service office in Pocatello.

But winter 2016-17 was particularly awesome in the Sunshine State.

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The Food The Raleigh Farmers Market covers 30,000 square feet—about the size of a typical Wal-mart! A vast array of produce, meats, and cheeses on display makes this market the go-to provisioner for Raleigh restaurants.

The "best" winter cities were the warmest, least snowy and/or driest cities, relative to what you would expect there.

If you like winter cold and snow, just flip the best and worst labels around.

The less time a fruit or vegetable spends in transit from the farm to your stomach, the more nutrients it will retain.

To find a market in your area, go to usda.gov/farmersmarkets.

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