Women over 50 dating tips

Check out their style, grace, grandeur and elegance- everybody wants to be like them.

And you don’t have to go over-the-top in dressing up; a simple sari draped well can make you look like a queen too.

This can be worn by women with slim to curvy body shapes, and with chic tops and halter necks too.

Rail tracks are faded jeans that have the outer seams of the denim faded.

Skinnies would look best if your waist is slimmer and balanced. If you cannot get into skinnies, opt for slim fits for a narrow look.

The waist and the thigh wouldn’t be over accentuated and a balanced look comes through.

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Instead of clingy clothes, try the classic cholis and drapes that accentuate your curves and your lifestyle too.

This pair can be worn for very casual moments with shirts and tops.

Vintage jeans, as the name suggests are dark and bluish; can be worn on Fridays to work or for semi-formal moments with crisp shirts.

Straight fits are relaxed and very comfortable to wear.

They begin at the hip and as the name suggests, they fall straight too.

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