Who is tareq salahi dating

"It's a nice break in the day to come in here and meet him," said Staff Sgt.

Jason Moldan, an Army Reservist with the 401st Engineer Company out of Oklahoma City, Okla.

Mc Cain's comment to "always take the time to remember to clean your musket," grew boisterous laughs, as people shook their heads in amusement.

Mc Cain said he learned the importance of a clean weapon during Valley Forge. Jennifer Miller, an awards clerk with Company B, Special Troops Battalion, Task Force Courage, had not seen The Colbert Report before attending the June 7 show. He is willing to pick on anyone," Miller, a Madison Heights, Mich., native said. " Miller said Colbert's antics will definitely keep her watching from now on.

According to the The reception, which was held under a big white tent, featured a performance by Journey.

Salahi made headlines back in 2009 when she and her then-husband, Tareq, allegedly crashed a White House dinner. Last week, prior to their nuptials, the couple sat down with E!

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Arriving in a C-17 from Kuwait, Colbert landed at the Baghdad International Airport, June 5, and began preparing for his shows at Camp Victory's Al Faw Palace, as part of his tour "Operation Iraqi Stephen: Going Commando." "We wanted to call it ' Feelin HOT, HOT, HOT: Papa's got a brand new Baghdad', but it was too many words," he said. In order to prepare for the trip, Colbert attended basic training at Fort Jackson, S. The training lasted a total of eight hours, although he says he "might have dipped out an hour early." Now a slightly-trained killer, armed with a smile and his "A" bag full of satirical humor, Colbert was ready to take his show live to Baghdad, where it would be recorded, edited and sent back via satellite to the U. It is something the United Service Organizations said was a first for any overseas tour they have organized.

Michaele then called Tuesday evening from an unfamiliar phone number with an explanation that she was headed to her mother's house.

Her mother later told Tareq no visit was planned, the manager said.

"All these people are so nice out here; I don't understand why they want to fight with each other." Colbert noted that he knows nothing about the country of Iraq, aside from the few days he has been at Camp Victory.

"It's hot, it's sandy, the sun is blazing.

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