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To just be part of such an event made me feel that I've done something to achieve this.All the biggest dignitaries from both sides of the border were so cultured and down-to-earth. Maybe it will come directly from the Begum (President Musharraf's wife).Both of us agree we have great chemistry onscreen that stems from our off screen rapport. You may be deluded and think you are friends but maybe that friendship was only extended as co-stars on the sets. It became very clear to me that we were only co-stars not friends.Preity Zinta and I have always shared a good working relationship.I deal with the controversies because it's a part of my profession, and I am not having an affair with anyone.They try to link me up so that I come across as a little more interesting for the viewers. Fifty thousand people on the beach watching 'Chalte Chalte' with me, then asking me questions about the songs and dances, the idiom and language of expression was incredible.I thank them all for what they gave me.[on Saif Ali Khan] Saif is a brilliant actor, undoubtedly.

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In addition to acting in films, Mukerji has been actively involved with several humanitarian causes and is vocal about issues faced by women and children.

I don't think I'll ever forget my experience in Casablanca.

On the State Dinner with President Pervez Musharraf: It was like a dream come true!

Through her successful Bollywood acting career, she has become one of the most high-profile celebrities in India.

By 2004, Mukerji had established herself as a leading actress of Bollywood with roles in the romantic comedy Hum Tum and the dramas Yuva and Veer-Zaara.

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