Who is marshall mathers dating 2016

After releasing the lyrical attack on the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump now the official U. President, on October 19, 2016, Eminem further revealed that he was also.… We are sure that this question must have crossed your mind more than once, we hear a lot about the love lives of the stars, but his case is quite peculiar.She starred alongside Eminem in the hit movie, and it was speculated they dated for a brief period after that.Also, Tracy Mc News had been rumored to be dating Eminem since 2008 but the rapper’s rep said she was just part of his management team.While Eminem attempted to mitigate such criticism by maintaining that his raps simply use the rough language he has been surrounded by since childhood, and later by performing a duet with Elton John at the Grammy Awards to demonstrate his openness to the gay community, Eminem nevertheless remains widely reviled in some quarters for his offensive lyrical content.

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Meanwhile, in 2002, he was rumored to have been dating Brittany Murphy sometime before the actress passed away.Against all odds, the couple was married in 1999 but after a series of self destructive events they divorced in 2001.You would think that all the drama in their previous marriage would put the pair off each other, Eminem even told Rolling Stone in 2002 that he, and we quote ‘would rather have a baby through my penis than get married again’."Beat up in the bathroom, beat up in the hallways, shoved into lockers," he remembered.Eminem has been scathingly critical of the way his mother raised him.

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