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According to after the big reaction from fans, de Pablo said, "When you make decisions like this, you never expect for people to fully understand.So it was really delicious to feel that kind of love and I'm always grateful for that." Though de Pablo was raised in a "conservative and Catholic environment" in her home town of Villa Maria, Chile, she has said that it wasn't until she was 21 years old that her faith in God was solidified.So I held that gun, and I remember holding the gun and just trembling." Granted, that all must be placed in the proper context, which is that there seems to be absolutely no bad blood between de Pablo and the show, as she also said that she has "no second thoughts" about the way she left.She even feels like the door may be open for her to someday return, having hinted, "I think the fact that they never killed the character off is very telling." , she did not know how fans would react.Let's just say, Cote de Pablo has her own impressive resume.

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De Pablo was working in San Francisco when the opportunity to audition for …so I went from my chance of doing a Broadway show into doing the series." Her risk obviously paid off, but de Pablo wants to get back on the stage eventually.I left the room and went into a stairwell where the sun was coming in. I said, 'If you exist, you will take my grandmother within twenty minutes.If you don't, I'll never believe in you again.' Within ten minutes, she was gone. He's there.'" that she doesn't prefer to label herself as far as any specific religion goes.She said that be believes in "a very big God out there," that she sees in "the majestic beauty in nature and the overwhelming perfection of it." She also thinks that having just one pass at human existence isn't enough.After de Pablo made a passing reference to "the next lifetime," asked whether she believed in reincarnation, to which she replied, "Yes, I do. It's going to take a couple of tries." Remember your lines — you only have one pass at this, 'cause they can't recreate the entire explosion!

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