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In 2010, she eventually relocated back to America, specifically, Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting., alongside boyfriend Logan Paul. Her dad, Bennet Wang, is an investment banker while her mother, Stephanie Crane is a medical doctor.

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She took to Twitter claiming that Paul changed her life for the better and she has done the same for him too.The couple started dating in 2013 and broke up in 2017 after almost four years of relationship.In 2017, she reportedly dated Chandler Parsons, but soon the rumors vanished into thin air. According to her, this was what made her drop her real surname ‘Wang’ and start answering her father’s first name ‘Bennet’ which was more caucasian sounding in order to get more acting opportunities. In 2007, she moved to her paternal grandmother’s house in China where she learned to speak Mandarin, the official Chinese language. Find out more about this Hollywood starlet, including her relationship with controversial youtube star Logan Paul. With regard to ethnicity, Chloe has stated herself in an interview that she was culturally raised as both Chinese and American. Chloe has also been outspoken about the obstacles she has faced in Hollywood as a result of her ethnicity.

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