Who is ashley cole currently dating

Today reminds us of what we are thankful for and not to take a minute for granted.

Wishing you this warm-fuzzy-loved-happy-full -on-turkey feeling today and everyday. Brown (@officialkjb) on , but they really gained fans' adoration when people learned they were actually dating IRL.

In this hilarious clip, a reporter asked the pair about their relationship, not realizing they weren't still dating.

In a cruel twist of fate, their characters continued to pine for each other on the show for another two years."It can be a little awkward when all of a sudden [you have feelings for] someone you'd call to talk about a different boyfriend," Jessica once said about her relationship with Ed.But life imitates art, and gossip surrounding a cheating scandal drove Ed and Jessica apart in 2010. They reportedly screamed at each other on set, and Ryan asked to run his lines with another actress.They seem like great friends still, which is sweet.'s plot was romantic enough as it is, but the icing on the cake was knowing Bella Swan and Edward Cullen were together in real life.

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