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Earlier this year they bought a Bali-inspired home in Montecito for million; and listed a beach house they owned in Carpinteria for two years for million (it sold in July for million), a Beverly Hills home they owned for six months for close to million, and, per reported in June that they bought Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo's renovated 10,000-square-foot Beverly Hills mansion for .5 million.(As for the Beverly Hills house where they tied the knot: Ellen sold it to pal Ryan Seacrest for around million in 2012.)Home ownership has proved harrowing at times, however, through no fault of their own.August 2008 - Present After dating for four years, Ellen De Generes and Portia de Rossi were married in August, 2008, before the controversial Prop 8 (which illegalized same-sex marriage) passed in November. Paris Hilton saying "That's hot." Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. None of those things are big anymore, but behind the scenes at VH1's Big in '04 Awards something much more momentous was brewing. 1, 2004, happens to have been the night when Ellen De Generes ran into Portia De Rossi at L.I have my best friend, the person I want to spend time with more than anybody else in the world."She and Portia remained as devoted to each other as ever, she said, and they readily put in the work that any committed relationship requires."Our priorities are each other too," De Generes said."If we had kids, then I'm sure they would be, but we are.De Generes and de Rossi had been back in their home for 10 days when they evacuated again.They expressed their thanks to the heroic firefighters and other first responders who risked their lives during both disasters.

And she has at least three more seasons of But though they didn't have kids, another milestone that De Generes had hoped for in 2005 did come to pass: On May 15, 2008, after the California Supreme Court struck down a law blocking gay marriage as unconstitutional, De Generes announced on the air that they were planning to tie the knot. 16, 2008, at their Beverly Hills estate, both wearing Zac Posen for their big day.De Rossi recalled to , "I really never stopped thinking about her, because I just haven't felt that kind of energy with anyone in my life.So there's that." Then they saw each other again at a photo shoot and "she took my breath away," the actress said.They've been the subject of as many split rumors as anybody, triggered by anything as innocuous-seeming as a missed award show or a bare ring finger, enough so that De Generes joked about them on her show in 2013.She said she had been flipping through a tabloid that put on its cover that her marriage was crumbling, only to find that article ripped out.

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