When did dwight and angela start dating

Michael and Holly continue flirting even as she goes on a few dates with a yoga instructor, and Dwight and Angela continue their illicit affair while Andy obliviously plans his and Angela’s wedding up to her impossible standards.

Ryan returns to Dunder-Mifflin as a temp, filling in for Pam at reception, and Michael appears to be the only person happy to see him.

She shows up already having given birth, toting along her newborn daughter Astrid.

The rather pathetic shower goes ahead anyway, with Michael treating Holly meanly so as not to upset Jan.

Jim tells Pam that he bought his parents’ old house for them, and she seems dubious at first but eventually tells him that she loves it.

Oscar discovers a budget surplus that must be spent by the end of the day, and the Dunder-Mifflin employees divide into two factions over how it should be used: One group wants to buy a new copier, while the other wants new chairs.

The annual customer-service surveys come in, and Jim and Dwight both have negative reports.

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Eventually, HR at corporate orders the affair swept under the rug.

Michael finds out, but instead of reprimanding Kelly he commiserates with her over the difficulty of convincing co-workers to attend social gatherings.

Andy and Angela agree to hold their wedding at Schrute Farms, which gives Dwight another chance to try to woo Angela back.

Thanks to Ryan’s scandal at corporate, Holly has to conduct a business-ethics seminar for the office.

Michael encourages everyone to confess their ethical transgressions, which leads to Meredith admitting that she regularly sleeps with a vendor to get a discount on supplies and free Outback Steakhouse coupons.

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