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You will send information to the admin of the website. is based on the idea that it provides almost -- but not quite -- two thirds of Moose.If it receives a single argument that isn't a hash reference it will throw an error.You can override this method in your class to handle other types of options passed to the constructor.Sadly, this doesn't entirely work, since the selection is load order dependent - Moo's metaclass inflation system explained above in "MOO AND MOOSE" is significantly more reliable.So if you want to write a CPAN module that loads fast or has only pure perl dependencies but is also fully usable by Moose users, you should be using Moo.maintains transparent compatibility with Moose so if you install and load Moose you can use Moo classes and roles in Moose code without modification.

Any:: Moose will load Mouse normally, and Moose in a program using Moose - which theoretically allows you to get the startup time of Mouse without disadvantaging Moose users.

A person who loves to find out local information and engrain themselves in the local culture when they travel. Local was conceived with one thing in mind to connect travellers going to a destination with locals at the destination to find out local information to make a holiday, business trip or day trip a more enjoyable one. We have a great guide explaining how to use Local Moo that you can see here.

Step 1: Search for a Local Moo'er in the city you are visiting Step 2: Read their profile, reviews and watch their video or look at their photos Step 3: Click the "Chat With Me" Button Step 4: Pay Step 5: Start asking questions How do I start my chat with the Moo'er?

They should be used rather than trying to modify into a hash reference of attribute values.

The default implementation accepts a hash or hash reference of named parameters.

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