Victoria dating scene

She’s gotten huge love from others on the show in the form of encouraging comments and heart emojis from Salim, Jay, Manny, Bam, and even Luke.

Justin is keeping his Instagram account private and took his last name out of his account.

Sarah posted a video of her “nine minute joke about greek mythology” — the one Nick rudely passed up an opportunity to hear on their date — and Adrian commented saying he wished she’d told it on Nick also seems to be single, although he has a lot of thirsty comments on his most recent IG post right now, including one from Lex! Notably, Nick is the only cast member who follows Justin, from Gurki’s episode, on Instagram. Antonio, who curtly ended his date with Sarah, has been thirstily responding to anyone who tweets about him and engaging with tweets that make fun of Sarah, even posting a screenshot of one on Instagram.

Manny is dating a fellow fitness enthusiast now, according to his Insta.

He posts cute videos of himself dancing with his daughter, dancing between weight-lifting sets, and dancing in a shirt that says “Real Men Eat Ass.” Thank you, Manny. I don’t really see the #asianjamesdean but it’s probably because I’m #shittanked ...

I was busy with work and then got serious with my now-gf!

She hasn’t responded to me on Instagram or via text, so I’m respecting where she’s at and wish her the best. ” Behind the scenes with @milakoren during the taping of Episode 6 of @netflix new show #Dating Around - we had a great time on our hot date and I have so appreciated the support and love. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ A post shared by Charlotte "CB" Glasser (@cbglasser) on Charlotte also revealed on her story that she and Ashley have been friends since before the show, supporting Ashley’s thesis that the lesbian social scene in New York is very small.

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