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For example, notations may be used to reference non-XML data in an XML 1.1 document.

For example, to annotate SVG images to associate them with a specific renderer: This declares the MIME type of external images with this type, and associates it with a notation name "type-image-svg".

Note that any valid SGML or XML document that references an external subset in its DTD, or whose body contains references to parsed external entities declared in its DTD (including those declared within its internal subset), may only be partially parsed but cannot be fully validated by validating SGML or XML parsers in their standalone mode (this means that these validating parsers don't attempt to retrieve these external entities, and their replacement text is not accessible).

Note that attribute list declarations are ignored by non-validating SGML and XML parsers (in which cases any attribute is accepted within all elements of the parsed document), but these declarations are still checked for well-formedness and validity. The entity declaration assigns it a value that is retained throughout the document.

A common use is to have a name more recognizable than a numeric character reference for an unfamiliar character.

The declarations in the external subset are located in a separate text file.

The external subset may be referenced via a public identifier and/or a system identifier.

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