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Hawaiians addressed prayers to various gods depending on the situation.

When healers picked herbs for medicine, they usually prayed to Kū and Hina, male and female, right and left, upright and supine.

Hawaiian religion originated among the Tahitians and other Pacific islanders who landed in Hawaiʻi between 5 AD.

Some peoples have no concept of a ‘Supreme Being’ or ‘Creator God’ who is by nature ‘other than’ his creation.The Hawaiian islands are all children of Papa, Wākea and Hoʻohokukalani so basically meaning that they are older siblings of the Hawaiian chiefs.Prayer was an essential part of Hawaiian life, employed when building a house, making a canoe, and giving lomilomi massage.One Molokaʻi tradition follows this line of thought.Author and researcher Pali Jae Lee writes: "During these ancient times, the only 'religion' was one of family and oneness with all things.

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