Updating nvidia bootcamp

This will prevent your Mac switching back to the Intel graphics when it needs less graphics power. It will mean that your battery will drain faster as more power is required for the NVIDIA GPU though.

If after reading this you are only getting the option for Windows drivers on NVIDIA’s site then you are not following the instructions properly.

Ok so I already got the drivers that bootcamp gave me for this card. I tried going to the Nvidia site and downloading the vista drivers for the category "Geforce 8" there was no laptop category or anything, but when I tried to install it, the driver software said it couldn't find any compatible hardware.

So is it possible to install drivers right from Nvidia's site or am I stuck with the drivers bootcamp gives me?

Please click on the links I have provided and choose exactly what I have listed in the drop down fields.

In certain cases, the Apple Bootcamp driver installer may remove the NVIDIA Windows drivers if it detects a previously installed version of NVIDIA drivers and fail to install a newer driver version. This should restore your NVIDIA graphics drivers, enabling hardware acceleration and higher screen resolutions.

I don't know if its anything to do with boot camp or its just me not knowing how to update drivers properly but can someone point me in the right direction?I eventually figured out to roll back the Nvidia Ge Force 8600M GT driver from the current 197 to the previous 195 version. XP, the interface, and all my applications worked fine.However, a couple of my applications asked me to update the driver, and I simply got stupidly curious.I have the XP install dvd, but am not sure how to proceed with it.Apple Boot Camp supplies users with correct Windows drivers and configurations to let them use Apple Hardware with Microsoft Windows operating system.

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