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They’re in front of our dining room and they just go with the decor of the home so much better than the round columns did.The square faux columns look modern while the wainscoting trim work gives it a classic look. And, by the way, I take back everything bad I ever said about the color white.If you wanted you can take the trim all the way to the concrete. The sides to wrap first are the left and right sides of the post when you are facing the porch. Your 6″ board will most likely be too big for the post.But if water happened to get under the trim, it would sit directly on the trim, which could ruin it over time. So for the boards that wrap around my post, they are about 1/2″-1″ from the concrete. These sides will have the 4″ trim boards the front and back will have the 6″ boards. So measure the overhang, mine was 3/8″ which is the same size as the panel I used on the other parts of the porch.When we hired the people to come in and get rid of the faux finishing and textured walls, we asked them to also smooth out our two columns. Magic took the columns out with our friend Richard, and he basically cut the columns off of the support beams that were inside of them like you cut a cast off somebody’s broken arm. It opens up the space nicely but they aren’t staying like this….He cut those off and took them straight to the trash. The trim carpenter came in and did a little mockup of what the columns could look like so I could see if I liked the size of them and the size of the trim. He built them and the painters painted them in Sherwin Williams Alabaster.You can find links to the furniture and the mirrored buffet that I painted there too. Stay tuned for more of the Allwood home renovation!And because you’re going to ask, here is my affiliate link for the Pig Portrait just peeking out in the back.

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We already had some, but they were tiny and felt out of place.Along the roof line of the porch, I added on 7 additional smaller corbels. It made a subtle difference- a little more character and texture! Things like a doormat (I used this pretty rose rug for layering), containers full of flowers, a door knocker, and a wreath.These touches make the porch feel personal and special!I recently did a front porch makeover with the help of The Home Depot. Pretty much every element of this makeover came from Home Depot- which makes the materials nice and accessible!I wanted to share with you how we added charm to our porch in case this is a project you want to tackle too. Let’s get started- As you can see on this post, I changed out the front doors to a more traditional, all wood style.

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