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"In addition, there may be GST to consider."In other words, if you are turning over the equivalent of more than ,000 selling virtual jewellery to Second Life avatars, you must get an ABN and register for GST.

So if you have the option of 15%AS 100VIT 60AR and 100STR 100VIT 60AR then go for the AS item (normally gloves/rings/amulets). With a base STR amount of approx 1200~ you'll need around 180STR on an item to equal 15%Attack Speed. Or I'll cry in the corner somewhere hehe Was just playing my witch doctor with a random player in a public game and another player joined and myself and the person I was with got the achievement for leveling our jeweler to level 10.

The Republican head of the committee, Jim Saxton of New Jersey, has said taxing virtual transactions would be a mistake.

The online world Second Life hosts a thriving and rapidly growing community.

So to still have 45k life and 12k dps you probably looking Best advice I can give to gear up for people just entering Act1/2 Inferno as a Barbarian is to choose the correct stats for the correct piece of gear.

eg: Shoulders usually have WAY more Strength than Vitality.

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