Transactional publication with queued updating subscriptions chicagodatingagency com

The Log Reader Agent monitors the transaction log of each database configured for transactional replication and copies the transactions marked for replication from the transaction log into the distribution database, which acts as a reliable store-and-forward queue.

But the Column is recreated when i set replication again. Hope this helps "Why does replication add a column to replicated tables; will it be removed if the table isn't published?A subscription can be created either at the Publisher or at the Subscriber.With a push subscription, the Publisher propagates changes to a Subscriber without a request from the Subscriber.Because changes to the data must be made at the Publisher (when transactional replication is used without immediate updating or queued updating options), update conflicts are avoided Ultimately, all Subscribers will achieve the same values as the Publisher.If immediate updating or queued updating options are used with transactional replication, updates can be made at the Subscriber, and with queued updating, conflicts might occur.

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