Tl osl and esr dating techniques

Thus, larger streams of recyclates could be processed more accurately in shorter time. The availability of film material, which is one of the most important materials in such personal dosimetry, is not warranted on the long term.Other materials have been sought as possible replacements.Combined with the technique of Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) for readout, Be O-OSL dosimetry is believed to supersede film dosimetry and at least to some extend thermoluminescence (TL) dosimetry.The projects aims towards the development of OSL-equipment (EN/IEC 62387) to efficiently read out a new 2-element Be O-OSL dosimeter (Hp07 and Hp10).The dependency of sintered Be O to radiation energy is close to tissue.Because of this favourable property, Be O is one of the phosphors of choice in personal dosimetry.A total of 10 of such magazines are located in a wheel, which is software driven for dosimeter measurement according to user definitions.In OSL dosimetry it is sufficient to measure part of the signal, which allows re-reading, for dose determination.

in sterilization procedures for medical devices, is often tedious due to the constraints of quality assurance and fulfillment of the required standards (e.g. The project aims at the development of a handheld measurement device, which will provide instant dose information for user defined numbers of dosimeters attached to the product/product pallet, which will allow the immediate release if the specified requirements are met.In 2016, 44.4 million metric tons of e-waste were generated globally, an amount which is expected to increase steadily for the next decades.Within the SISor (Sensors for Intelligent Sorting) project the core aim is the development of an integrated sensor system for the automated detection of raw materials in the WEEE.While this can provide 3-D dose information based on the selected measurement spots, more details are sometimes required for product objects of very complex geometries, where it is essential to verify the dose at positions where dosimeters cannot be attached.For this purpose, a dosimeter material which can be sprayed onto surfaces and measured with a 3D-dose-scanner will be developed.

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