Tisha campbell duane martin dating

Likewise, her husband is accusing her of fabricating domestic abuse lies about him in order to get custody of their children.

“manufactured a false claim of alleged domestic violence against the Co-Debtor [him] which they filed with the police.

“On Easter morning 2016, there was an argument between Duane and I that ended with Duane using my neck to slam me against the wall, choking me in our bedroom,” Campbell-Martin detailed.

“I immediately got quiet and walked down the stairs to the kitchen.” “I was rubbing my neck, hoping the red marks would go away by the time the guests arrived.

”From there, the report takes a giant leap to insinuate that Will Smith is actually gay and hiding a relationship with Duane Martin.

Though there is no evidence that the money paid from the Smiths to the Martins is any sort of “hush money” to keep the affair secret, the report goes on to describe how Will Smith and Duane Martin were spotted on vacation together in 2011 without their wives.

The Martins had spoken out about their bankruptcy back in April, with Tisha taking to Twitter and explaining that it was some bad real estate investments that landed them million in debt.“Hey anybody got nickel?

Similarly, in January 2019, she accused her husband of domestic abuse.

But her husband disagrees and said that the allegations are fabricated.

Duane met Jada and her beautiful mother for dinner at Mastro restaurant in Beverly Hills on Sunday. He paused to buy a bouquet of roses for Jada, who blushed and held her roses up for the paparazzi to snap photos.

Duane and Jada's estranged husband, Will Smith, are longtime friends.

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