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If you love Arab girls then you have a wide range of women and men too.Asians are very religious people especially the Arab world.We were somewhat disappointed because we could imagine how beautiful this would be when the sun was shining. (The blog is still a few days behind, but catching up. After another trip down a winding road we found it ... Good thing the wind blows inland; these are some steep cliffs!the sign telling us we had a 20 minute walk to the actual point. Heading back through the sheep poo field; but somehow I think that was better than through the sheep. We regularly comment on the amount of beautiful coastline here that is not peppered with homes and cities.Thankfully the rain was still holding off or poor Jeff would have surely had to pull over ... As we came down out of the mountains and into the valley we came upon two fabulous lakes. For the next four hours we drove in heavy rains, wind, clouds and fog. I was TERRIFIED going through Hasst pass on the winding roads. Important note to future travelers; everyone told us to do a clockwise loop around the south island. And because of the rain, waterfalls were spouting everywhere. If it was going to clear up we would have waited it out. Any thoughts we had of moving on looking for something better were countered with the reminder of almost having to sleep in the car in Te Anau. I asked the girl at reception if it was REALLY likely to rain for 2 weeks.The rain was starting and the clouds were pushing in. But we knew the tiny bit of sun we were getting was just a teaser. We were so glad to have arrived in Haast where we planned to stop for the night, get a good bite to eat and head out early in the morning hunting sunshine. So we stopped and had some pretty good fish and chips. She confirmed and said, 'and the worst part is, you'll be off and gone somewhere else and I'll still be here.' Enough said! the shortest route to the only forecast of sunshine ... It meant missing the glaciers and more beautiful rain forest but we were now cold and grumpy. we're in Nelson BTW, in the sunshine.) After our stop at Nugget Point and Cannibal Bay we continued on our way to the southern most tip of the South Island.

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We looked for the driver, but couldn't find them anywhere. So we parked for a few days and waited out the rain. We enjoyed a few rounds of golf, caught a movie and went for a boat ride at Abel Tasman park. After the boat ride, another round of golf with great views. As we headed out of Haast the weather was just as expected. I absolutely love the rain forest and was sad that we weren't getting to see much of it today. The poor weather made for a great surf to watch; finally something we could see. With the weather we'd had we figured there were or had been high seas. But, low and behold, just as we got to the glaciers the rain stopped and the sun sort of peeked out. Notice the people in this picture to realize the enormity of the glacier. The sky did clear so we could get this view, but the rain started again so we only did the one glacier walk for the day. It was during this downpour that we had our ultimate NZ road experience. For the rest of our trip up the coast the rain stayed heavy until just outside our next destination, Westport. So, let's describe 'loading up the car' for a moment. But due to constant warnings about theft from parked cars we unload everything from inside the car each time we stop.

About Asians: Most of the Middle East and Far East are considered to be on the Asian continent. You can also go for the "Chinese looks" for Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore etc.

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Before we knew it the bus was gone; guess they didn't even notice. If you were to google Abel Tasman Park you would surely see a picture of 'the rock'. Big enough city that there is a movie theater and lots of great shops and restaurants.3. We got great views of both glaciers and walked out to the terminus of the Fox Glacier. What was particularly interesting in this case is that the glaciers are surrounded by temperate rain forest and run almost out to the sea. As you have probably gathered from the previous posts the roads through the mountains are VERY narrow, windy and spooky. In some places the signs indicate to 'give way' because the road is in fact only wide enough for one car. We were on our way to Nelson; the only place with a forecast of sunshine. Out of the blue we saw a sign for pancake rocks and blowholes. The maps here are pretty good about outlining anything to see along the way; but there was nothing about this on the map. We've been at this for about a month now and have it down to a science. We do this hoping that an empty car would not tip them off that the clubs are in the back.

Before you continue laughing let's see you try to parallel park from the opposite side of the car in the rain. And besides, it is still in one piece, the only condition on the rental contract. So, we had our picture taken with 'the rock'. It was great to get out of the car, stretch our legs and enjoy nature's beauty. Out for the walk up to the glacier; 'layered up'. Still we were amazed by the number of people that chose to walk right down by the river ... This includes bridges and around tight curves (on the edge of the cliff). But when you stop and think about it, it is kind of funny. So to 'load up' we load our two monster suitcases into the back seat (kid 1 and kid 2). These are all very important supplies because sometimes you can end up driving between towns for hours and not see any decent place to grab a quick bite. we recently added toilet paper to our staple groceries. Next we load in all the electronic devices, computer, kindles, binoculars, cameras ...

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