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Bigly BT is currently available on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, while an Android app based on an open source fork of Vuze Remote will follow in a few weeks.The client currently looks very similar to Vuze but the developers plan to create a new style and incorporate a number of features that will set it apart in the future.Vuze (formerly Azureus) is a free Bit Torrent client, which is used to transfer files via the Bit Torrent protocol.The application is written in Java and uses the Azureus Engine.“Our main goals for Bigly BT is to keep it ad-free and open source, and to continue to develop it into an even better torrent client.We also hope that a community will form again around the product.” People who try the new client will notice that it’s indeed very similar to Vuze, but without the ads and some other ‘cluttering’ features, such as DVD-burning.The developers promise to take the project forward while removing all advertising and other annoyances.

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The project is solely supported by donations from the public.In recent years, however, things have gone relatively quiet, up to a point where Vuze development appears to have stalled completely.Perhaps not surprising, as two of the core developers, parg and Tux Paper, have left the project and moved on to something new.You can see content through channels and categories containing TV shows, music videos, movies, video games and others.If you publish your own original content via the Vuze platform, you are able to charge for it.

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