Stereotypical dating profile long walks on the beach

I never found time to write last week's blog, mostly because of the demands requiring my actual physical presence (with no virtual connectivity) at nightly dress rehearsals for the community theatre play that I have been co-directing.Seeing Stars in Dixie opened last weekend at the Legion Theatre in Cartersville, a Pumphouse Players production--and I am very proud of the quality of the show and of the onstage world we created with a rich cast of characters.Group 1 considers USA as a promoter of Freedom; the hero who is protecting the rest of the world from dictatorships and injustices.

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I've been co-director, set designer, propmaster, and stage manager.

We often buy into the stereotypical judgments and expectations, and frequently become just as cliche as the old-style personal ads seeking someone to "share life's golden moments" or "take long walks on the beach." During my exploration of online dating sites a decade ago, looking at Southern (Atlanta area), middle-aged (40s and 50s) men's and women's profiles, I was amazed at how many women said they were "equally as comfortable in evening gowns or blue jeans" and how many men made note of their love of NASCAR and of working out at the gym five times a week.

An examination of online dating profiles shows how carefully and strategically they are constructed to convey a desirable side of one's personality--what is hidden from the profile is equally as important as what one has chosen to expose.

Online worlds and role-playing games ask you to construct, edit, and perform a self....

Our lives on the screen may be play, but they are serious play"(p. But this play-acting of our selves is not limited to just role-playing games such as Second Life.

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