Speed dating singapore event

But not without asking Marilyn for her number — she was my top choice anyway.

Surprisingly, she gave me her number, and in that instance, I felt Well, I was a bit disappointed that Marilyn didn’t reciprocate, but considering that Cynthia was indeed in my top three choices, I was actually really excited.

It has been featured in numerous publications to date, and has received positive feedback by many participants.

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I didn’t really know what to say, or if a joke would be good to open up the conversation: She laughed — not because she thought I was really cracking a joke, but because she thought it was ‘cute’ that I was being so honest.

She probably also thought it was ridiculous of me to want to introduce myself with a joke.

Somehow, when the bell went off for us to move seats, we were talking about the morgue — but that didn’t really matter. Every encounter was different, yet refreshing and fun!Had they given me unlimited choices, I might have just listed everyone down (or at least 6 to 7 names).So I listed the names of three ladies, submitted my form and left.Let me begin by saying that I’m still single, but am pretty much on my way (I hope) to getting hitched.And this article is pretty much my reflection on how a small step (or rather a few mouse clicks) can change your life.

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