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These are excellent traits for single men and women who are seeking long term relationships and long lasting love.

In other words, pet lovers are seen as "marriage material".

Photo: Dog makes man look good and approachable; otherwise he'd just look like a "strange man"... Evidence also suggests that there may also be a biological reason for women being attracted to single animal lovers and men who have pets.

People with pets are seen as providers, having resources to take care of others, and they are seen as being committed to companionship and caring for others.

Or you can search for singles based on specific keywords and shared interests, like: animals, dogs, cats, and just about specific animal keyword you can think of!

The pet makes men appear much more approachable, friendly and less intimidating".

Men had a similar opinion as well in regards to women who had pets with them.

Participants rated photos of models with and without an animal.

When they walked by themselves, they were successful in 1 out of 10 attempts.

But when the man had a dog with them, it was successful in 1 out of 3 attempts!

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