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Sexual bullying is a serious issue that needs to be tackled.

Although there is no official definition, sexual bullying is a behaviour, physical or non-physical, where sexuality or gender is used as a weapon against another.

It is learned behaviour, however, and can therefore be 'unlearned'.

Unfortunately there are many instances where sexism and this form of stereotyping comes into play.

It is important that children and young people are educated on the issues of sexual bullying from a young age.

Their findings show: In extreme cases prejudice-motivated bullying and harassment can also be considered a hate crime.

There is evidence that sexual bullying is increasing and it is linked to domestic violence and other gender-based violence such as rape and sexual assault.

A survey in 2006 by the teenage girls’ magazine 'Sugar' revealed that 45% of teenage girls surveyed had been groped against their wishes.

It is based on a stereotypical view of masculine and feminine roles.

Sexism limits the options of women and girls and can lead to discrimination or less favourable treatment.

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