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"Most of the time my aunt didn't seem to mind when she saw me with the house helps but when I started hanging out with my male cousins, that is when she came running to intervene because she was scared that I would teach them to become like me.Then, one day, I was caught having sex with a 37 year old male neighbor who was the father of two children. The guy owned a shop near my aunt's house and when his wife caught us she told my aunt what had happened, and I was again chased out of home.No matter how hard I worked out, that six-pack kept evading me.With a one-pack, I could only attract women with cheap offers while my athletic friends were busy travelling around the world and enjoying the perks that money bring,” Nick narrates.

Some men have taken it upon themselves to help bridge this gap by offering companionship for pay.

To successfully attract sugar mummies and rich women, the men have to work out to tone their muscles, eat well to remain healthy and travel widely to discover great meetup venues.

“I quit because clients complained about my physique.

"When I was growing up I came to realize that I have feelings for both men and women.

When I was in class seven I had sexual intercourse with a male classmate who had came to our house to help me with my homework.

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