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Alliluyeva was baptized into the Russian Orthodox Church on 20 March 1963.During her years of exile, she flirted with various religions.

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Her father vehemently disapproved of the relationship and Kapler was sentenced to five years of exile in 1943 to Vorkuta and was then sentenced again in 1948 to five years in labor camps near Inta.Alliluyeva's second marriage was arranged for her to Yuri Zhdanov, the son of Stalin's right-hand man Andrei Zhdanov and himself one of Stalin's close associates. In 1950, Alliluyeva gave birth to a daughter, Yekaterina. After her father's death in 1953, Alliluyeva worked as a lecturer and translator in Moscow.Her training was in History and Political thought, a subject she was forced to study by her father, although her true passion was literature and writing.After she stated her desire to defect in writing, the United States Ambassador Chester Bowles offered her political asylum and a new life in the United States. in India, eleven in the morning Washington time, I said, "I have a person here who states she's Stalin's daughter, and we believe she's genuine; unless you instruct me to the contrary, I’m putting her on the one a.m.plane for Rome where we can stop and think the thing through.

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