Sex dating in troy missouri

And then she sent a video message to me by accident that was for him thats when start flying off the handle.Try to get her to go to counseling again couldn’t get her to do it The guy did she screwed around with is Gary Breyfogle.✌ Melissa Kennedy Hedrick thought she could stroke the ego of my boyfriend.We have lived together for 12 years and she used FB Messenger to hook up with Mark (they went to high school together).I found a bag in the back of her car with clothes in which was unusual and I found a phone in her car hid in the car also.

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After calling him at work and confronting him he quit his job, drove 200 miles and ghosted me!

She may act and look innocent, but I can promise you she’s a homewrecking heartless slore. She’ll do whatever it takes to try and weasel her way back into someone’s life. This trashy slore will sleep with any man who has a family at home. They likely chat, flirt, etc; meanwhile, she is dating a guy (poor guy), knows my husband is married, AND knows we have a son together. Flash forward to oct 2015, they are still “dating,” while she’s still with her “boyfriend” and my husband is still married to me. She knows I’m pregnant (she apparently is heart broken 😭); yet, doesn’t care that she’s fuking a married guy with two kids…

She slept with my man for the past 2 years and when confronted acted like I was in the wrong. #morals #classy I have long suspected cheating but had no proof. Tells me everything, tells his family, and tells our counselor.

😢 If he was abusive: a) what’s my husband gonna do? To Austin, I pray you don’t experience what I did with her, even though you tried to hook those two up back in 2014 (ya, I know you’re not innocent either). May your daughter never encounter the situation you caused in my family.

May you think about what you did and the two kids you affected, daily.

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