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which, of all her works, has received the most extensive investigation regarding alleged plagiarism, and compared it to the corresponding chapters of 47 other works of the same genre and century, using the computerized literary tool to locate parallel phrases between the various works.These parallels are then evaluated for strength and frequency.They were once also expected to abstain from caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea, cola drinks, etc.The church has since removed this from the baptismal vows, although they still recommend that policy.They have interpreted the Old Testament dietary laws as prohibiting the eating of some foods. Many members are vegetarians who supplement their diet with eggs and milk.Their diet seems to produce significant positive results!

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They do not view Hell as a place of eternal torment.Study results indicate that un-attributed borrowing of phraseology was rather common, and even considered to be more acceptable among the nineteenth-century authors of this genre than would be acceptable in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. White in this chapter was within the acceptable standards of that era." Immortality: They deny the concept of "innate immortality".They believe that a person is not naturally immortal.Believers should be ready at all times to be removed from earth to be with God in heaven.Others will be exterminated by Christ during what will be the largest genocide in history.

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