Self assesments stop validating

Although retesting is generally unnecessary from the standpoint of accuracy of results, some organizations choose to implement a retest policy based on situational variables that are specific to their assessment application.Contact your Hogan representative for further information.Understanding the underlying work style traits, core values, and derailment risks that may impact behavior allows one to manage his/her behavior to increase workplace success.The Hogan assessments help organizations by identifying characteristics that may impact an individual’s job performance as well as his/her fit within a particular role, team, or organizational culture.

The Hogan assessments help individuals by facilitating strategic self-awareness.Consider the item, “I take a different way home from work every night.” People who answer “True” tend to be creative and adventurous, and that is the important point.We aren’t interested in whether they really take a different way home each night; we care about what it means to say that they do.The Hogan assessment tools are available in over 40 languages and used by organizations in more than 50 countries.We work with organizations of all sizes – from small firms to Fortune 500 global companies in diverse industries, such as financial services, pharmaceuticals, retail, and consumer goods.

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