Sedating racoons dating after mastectomy

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Sprinkle the pepper generously in areas that the animal has been seen coming and going such as a hole leading under the deck or around trees that give the animal access to the attic.

Animals cannot tolerate the presence of the pepper and they will vacate the area.

Exclusion methods and some degree of tolerance are ultimately more successful and lasting.

Live trapping should never be an option between early spring to early fall.

Phone: 210.588.9911 • Web Address: Wildlife offers animal and wildlife removal, relocation and control services in San Antonio.

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This is a common problem for homeowners and a potentially dangerous situation for the animals.This is the time when most species of native wildlife are having their young and there may be babies in, under, or around your house that are entirely dependent on their mother for food and protection.Any action that prevents the mother from caring for her young will result in suffering for her and a slow death for the babies.Allow a few days for the Raccoon to remove her family in case there are babies present and when you are positive all of the Raccoons are gone, be sure to get the chimney capped to prevent further occurrences.First thing you want to do is make sure the Raccoon has one easy-to-locate exit. Obtain six to twelve, one inch strips of fabric, tie them in tight knots and soak them in household ammonia.

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