Secret dating games

"So many times I’ve seen people meet each other in my car," one Lyft driver told Recode reporter Carmel De Amicis last year."There was this guy and girl who were in the same bar earlier in the night, so they recognized each other.

If he orders a hard drink at the 7th Heaven Bar, he gets 5 points with Tifa.Aeris starts out with a whopping 50 points, giving her a clear advantage.Tifa has 30 points, Yuffie has 10, and Barret has no points at all."This girl was trying to spit game at the guy, and I just thought, ‘Damn, why don’t I have a dating game that takes place right here in my car?" For the truly innovative flirters of the world, Uber Pool and Lyft Line rides have long been a ripe opportunity to find romance.

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