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Other folk would think of men in kilts and Highland dancing; while others might think of bagpipe music.Perhaps some scientists among us might think of all the inventions made by famous Scots such as the telephone and television or the discovery of penicillin, while others might remember that the great philanthropist Andrew Carnegie was a Scot.Burns Supper - Discover this famous Meal which celebrates the birth of our famous Poet Rabbie Burns. - Did you know that the remains of St Valentine are believed to be in Scotland? Scottish Food Recipes - Try out some of our famous dishes.Mothers' Day i- Discover how this special day developed in Scotland.

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Kilts and Flashes - Learn a bit more about our National Dress.

Highland Games - Look at some of the categories of Highland Games event.

Of course, reams has been written on this subject and experts will give you unlimited advice on every aspect of enjoying this National Drink, from the type of glass to use, to the aroma and the very 'sipping' of this golden nectar.

Much of the Scottish customs and traditions come from Scotland's pictish past and early Christianity changed completely during the Protestant Reformation in the 16th Century.

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