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The award ceremony date will be announced at a later date.

Categories and Topics’ The first category is “The Russian Language as a Window into Russian Culture”. Two northern countries: what Russia and Canada have in common.

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Marina Dubova was all set for a conference on cognitive science and artificial intelligence in Montreal next month, but was recently informed her application for a visa was rejected.

Increased international collaboration will help foster new breakthroughs and ensure Canadians and people all around the world benefit from science," Genest said in a statement.

"We are committed to an efficient and non-discriminatory immigration system that treats everyone with respect and fairness." In the United Kingdom, concerns about visa refusals for visiting academics led to accusations in that country of institutional racism and discrimination.

"People with high education, with career goals, are not going to stay somewhere illegally.

It's really frustrating to have to prove this every single time." Her experience is not isolated. Some were outright refused while others complained of delays so long that they didn't receive approval in time to attend their events.

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