Rules for dating a hockey player

And while most games are held indoors, teams and their cheer squads sometimes participate in outdoor games and events.

“When we’re standing at doors for an hour and it’s zero degrees and the doors keep opening,” said one woman, “that’s my biggest bone to pick.” The Kings’ cheerleaders had balmier weather, but they described a similar, if unspoken, rule: If you’re on the ice or you’re performing or schmoozing in public, a former Kings’ crew member told me, “it was understood that you didn’t put your jacket on.” The rule applied regardless of weather conditions—including when the women stood outside the stadium to welcome fans.

The Kings women added that they were also prohibited from eating in uniform; the only place in the stadium they were allowed to eat was the locker room.

If they were offered food at a corporate or charity event, “We’d have to go in a back corner,” one woman said, “where we couldn’t be seen.” Meager wages and out-of-pocket expenses: There’s no arguing that professional cheerleaders are hired, in part, as eye candy for fans.

A Kings representative declined to comment on the women’s claims, and the Flyers did not respond to detailed voice and email messages.

Despite their complaints, several women told me there were perks that in some cases brought them back year after year.

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