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Like any true "before and after" situation, we chatted about why we chose our original Tinder photos and had Max give us his (brutally honest) professional opinion.

Why he chose it: “My roommate (female) suggested I include a photo with ladies in my profile.

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Being single can be a blessing and a curse — and a lot of it depends on where you live.

In a new survey by Wallet Hub, the personal financial planning website, analysts compared 182 U.

cities for "dating friendliness" across 32 key indicators to find out what are the best cities for singles.“Of course, there are people who fall outside of the norm in every city, but if you are attracted to someone wildly outside the city’s norm, your options will be more limited.”Some cities simply have more single folks—and more single folks looking to settle down.“Cities with the more single men to single women ratios tended to be on the West Coast rather than the East Coast.

Simply starting your search in a vibrant city can make a world of difference.“Career opportunities bring young, single people to a city, so a city with startups and a thriving economy will mean that there are more young professionals looking for a romantic partner.’s New York City, New York With almost 1 million Ok Cupid users alone, it’s no surprise New York is a top contender for singles.

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