Riga latvia dating

In travel forums we can read a lot, that tourists being lured into a bar or pub by a pretty lady.

If you follow the lady in the bar, there is a possibility that you will be left with a large bill.

You can see it even in the architecture of Old Riga, where are architectural features of Germany and Russia, Italy, the Netherlands, and other countries. According to the study by the Riga Tourism Development Agency (RTAB) research data shows that for most guests who were staying in Riga, the experienced has responded to the acknowledged better than expected.

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The Riga Old Town is full of bars and clubs and beautiful people, it`s not like any other Old town, it has a special aura, you will see that.In the middle of the week there is a lively party, that continues from to in the morning.It means, in Latvia you can go to bed only after really hard party.Riga is a quite popular place for European groups of men, when they get pretty drunk, loud and do lots of nonsense.There are times when travellers are getting drugged at bars and then robbed.

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