Professional dating service in toronto computer still updating

All they say is they give you referrals and they screw you have to deal with lawyers and more to get a dime all Dear all My perception is that Toronto Matchmakers is a scam. They promised to reimburse me for the FX difference of them having a US merchant ID - not done.

I have referred this matter to the Financial Crimes Unit of the Toronto Police snd suggest you do the same.

I met the second guy and we are really great friends.

He is an amazing person and I can see we are compatible and why they matched us. I would have felt better giving the ,000 to charity.

Meet the quality men our matchmakers have ready for you. When it comes to relationships as part of the equation!

Professional relationship coaching has a way of making you aware of what’s possible making you feel empowered and supported in your journey of strengthening relationships and finding true love.

Attractive singles are everywhere in a city like Toronto.

They blame me and make no effort to find me matches.I am now so hopeful and optimistic that I will meet the right guy. I have to say I went about this all wrong to begin with. This was the perfect service for me as I am a busy working professional who do not have much time, i have tried the online and gone out a few times with friends in hopes to meet mr.right.. As a professional thought perhaps this was the proper more " distinguished" way to encounter online dating....much more well read & seasoned this Toronto Matchmakers Scam is a total misleading RIPOFF!!!My matchmakers advised me from the start to be open minded. After 5 months of turning down every match I finally said what the heck, let's just go with it. I have come to a point in my life that i am the best version of who i am and it was time to share my life with someone special. I actually feel foolish to have entrusted their company & would be ashamed of myself if I were one of their employees misleading people whom are vulnerable & easily swayed.Watch out because whatever they do they protect their scam in the contract.Your money is gone and they give you no guarantee of the service.

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