Proco rat serial number dating

I did run across some great resources here and here that helped me to find out exactly which model and year this was made by considering the date of the potentiometers.

The number on the pot is R1379227, and as the 4th and 5th numbers are the date of manufacture, this one was made in 1992.

I spent the first moments feeling the weight of the steel, and looking inside at the circuit board. I missed the pedal, even if there is no LED to the reissue. The Circuit Board has the number ‘2492’ stamped onto it, including RAT RE-ISSUE 1991.

Dating this by serial number seems to be a trivial effort by the looks of the boards out there.

I've got Pro Co Vintage Reissue Big Box Rat & want to determine the year of manufacture.

I believe you can also open up your Rat and look at the pots - the two numbers in the middle are the year the pedal was made.

Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.

Each pedal was built in a standard project box, hand painted, and hand drilled. This iteration was built in a custom designed, rectangular sheet-metal enclosure, with an L shaped removable top/back section giving access to the internals.

The top panel was labeled with Pro Co Sound "The RAT" and the three control knobs as Distortion, Tone and Volume.

Other models of RAT products include: The design is based around a single opamp, originally the Motorola LM308 (switched to Texas Instruments OP07DP around 2002-2003).

The distortion is produced using a variable gain circuit with diodes shorting the output to ground at a certain voltage level to produce hard clipping of the input waveform.

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