Ponder dating sideline reporter

It’s freezing.” He said, “You should go look.” I said, “No, I’m good.” He’s like, “Seriously, you should go look.” I was arguing with him. ” We went to the mall and found ugly sweaters and went to the Ugly Sweater Party. How did you feel when fans started blaming you, and your relationship with him, when he was struggling last season? I’ll look at the lights in the morning.” I was being the brat that I am. So I walked outside, and I look over to the balcony area and he put “Marry Me” in Christmas lights into the ground. We drove the 20 minutes to Hudson or whatever it was, walked in, got married. We get way more attention than we ever deserve or need or want, because of our jobs. One of the guys texted Christian and asked, “Dude, where are you at? BS: You mentioned earlier how Christian deals with criticism.” It’s certainly not rocket science, but I think it’s a lot harder than it looks.Halfway through the show, Christian was like, “Oh, my God, there’s somebody talking in my ear while I’m trying to talk.” That’s the way it works. BS: How do you get along with wives and girlfriends of Christian’s teammates? SP: A lot of these girls have different things they’re really good at it. I do all the Thursday night games, and I do “College Game Day.” I’m kind of on call.

"The answer is yes," Ponder said after the Vikings practice.

Turns out he’s been pretty successful off the field too, confirming Friday he is dating ESPN college football sideline reporter Samantha Steele.“Obviously, I am a catch,” Ponder joked.

“But I outpunted my coverage for sure.”Ponder, 24, tried to keep his new romance a secret, but once it was out he wasn’t backing away from the rumors, which began after the two were exchanging responses via Twitter and Ponder tweeted that the two were dating before deleting the tweet.

With Christian, immediately, I didn’t already know he wasn’t the one. I’ve heard people say, “When you know, you know.” That’s really how it went down for us. This is weird.” He was always asking me random questions about living in Austin. He doesn’t come home after a game and, if somebody says he sucks, all of a sudden treats me differently. I’m so sick of Johnny Manziel signing this and this guy signing this.

Nothing creepy, but that was our original connection. Those were the things when we were dating that I got to see that were really important to me. All the interactions on Twitter and Instagram, all that stuff is so addicting. Last (Sunday) night, we played a pretty long game of Nerf basketball. I love the game and the environment when those guys roll out of the tunnel.

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