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I, after all, will eventually have my own compound with thousands of adoring subjects, and watch over them as the great prophet of polyamory. This is not to say there are not people in my life I’m attracted to, only that so far nothing has come of it, because my life is not a perpetual pursuit of pussy.

Yuck The fact is that I actually have less sex partners than some of my monogamous friends (who are single), and that my life is not actually a perpetual orgy. I’m afraid that a series like might give the impression that my life is such a persuit, when it is more about loving who I love, as I love them, without artificial constraints.

It’s just that we have sex, with consent and knowledge of all involved, with more people rather than just go home and wish we could, like monogamous people often do.

When I was monogamous as a 20-something with a job and disposable income, I would go out with my girlfriend to meet up with male friends and their girlfriends, and everyone would flirt playfully as part of being drunk, young, and horny.

Anyone who knows me personally and socially who does not know that I’m polyamorous (or an atheist, for that matter), is either not paying attention or is just saying that they know me to look cool to their friends. But that fact is that not everyone who is polyamorous is open about it, and they often have anxieties about if, when, and how they should come out to people around them, especially family.

Recently, I started watching the Showtime series, Polyamory: Married and Dating.

It’s not like we humans don’t already want the sex, we just need to do the work to be ready to do it well.

What Showtime’s series seems to leave out is the work it takes to get where those people are; it gives a glimpse of where we all could be, but not how to get there.

I cannot think of too many times when an episode goes more than 5 minutes without some kind of sex being displayed.

So now when people I know see me, especially if they have seen Showtime’s presentation, they will associate that overly-sexualized perpetual orgy with what I mean when I say I’m polyamorous.

According to some people Gina knows, she has like 15 husbands (and she has not introduced me to 14 of them! My mom (hi mom) thinks, or at least thought, that I was just going to keep adding women to my life.

But this way, we are likely to attract people who just are only looking for tons of sex.

Because while the relationships, discussions, etc are dealt with, they are overshadowed by sex.

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