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To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the battle the Lviv-based artist Jan Styka began a 15 x 114-metre cycloramic painting, and invited other famous artists of the day to help him complete it.

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The Battle of Racławice took place on 4 April 1794, resulting in a Polish victory in the ultimately doomed Kościuszko Uprising against Russia.

Inside is a free museum detailing the history of the building and with exhibitions on aspects of life in Wrocław, like the city’s tram network.

And you can also check out the plush council chamber upstairs and the merchants’ hall on the ground floor.

This, along with the Zdrój fountain from 2000 and the statue of writer Aleksander Fredro, is one of the three meet-up locations of choice for friends in Wrocław.

The oldest part of Wrocław cropped up on what used to be an island in the Oder.

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