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The mountains in central Lebanon may receive plenty of winter precipitation, but powder is a rarity.

We follow suit, dropping into the valley under the light of the full moon and pass through several vineyards separating us from civilization.

Red carpets cover the floor and the walls are bare.

He prepares Arabian coffee on a gas stove in the corner.

It is as rich a dining experience as it is diverse, and only six dollars per person.

I ask Antoinette how long the meal took to prepare. Verena and Max start on a two-hour hike in the backcountry bordering the Qadisha Valley.

“Aren’t there supposed to be land mines near the border? ” Silence—good friends can take a little black humour.

Consisting of 375 trees—some more than 3,000 years old—the Forest of the Cedars of God is one of the last remaining stands of the country’s once-legendary resource.

What looks like a two-hour hike above the lifts accesses Lebanon’s highest mountain, 3,088-meter Qutnat as-Sauda, and from the parking lot we spot an inviting line on the other side of the valley—800 meters of cliffs and steeps, dumping out into a few small villages.Glamorous Prada and Gucci ski wear is abandoned for skin-tight dresses and high heels.In Beirut, where every third billboard advertises one of the city’s many plastic surgery clinics, the party begins.Eight hours later, after multiple run-ins with Lebanese military, the crew finnaly reached the top of the line. Under the sweltering Arabian sun, the snow turns to excellent corn.In the distance the Forest of God’s Cedars and the dune-like hills of the Bekaa Plain hang above the shimmering blue Mediterranean.

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